In-store Event

Food Art Exhibition: The Full English

Until 13th Oct

Free Entry

Join us from Friday 28th September for a visual feast in WBTC's basement celebrating the diversity of London's appetite!

The Full English includes work from artists and designers including Zoe More O’Ferrall, Ben Dodge, Joel Penkman, Ros Shiers, Tirso Sanchez, as well as a curated collection of ‘Full English’ inspired accessories, gifts and books from independent London makers.

Hosted in collaboration with indie muso Piney Gir (hailing from Kansas City, USA) and filmmaker/artist Keyleen Nguyen (French-Vietnamese), the exhibition also explores what it is to be ‘Full English’. Hailing as 'expats' having lived in the UK for years, Piney and Keyleen have called on a collective of artists to showcase a collection of original work reflecting on what it is to feel fully English in 2018.

Piney and Keyleen are keen for the show to offer as a timely reminder of London’s - and England's - welcoming spirit to a wide range of cuisines and cultures.

As part of the exhibition, they will also be hosting two events…

“Setting Up A Food Truck” Oct 5th 6:00-8:00: Panel talk with successful food truck entrepreneurs Nick White and Mike So from The Orange Buffalo and Alex Martinelli from Piadina Pronto & Rumble In The Deli about setting up a DIY food business.

“Drunk Cookery” Oct 10th 6:00-8:00: Piney showcases a cookery demonstration for her new cookbook aptly called Drunk Cookery.  Featuring healthy and quick, late-night recipes for busy people!

Food Art Exhibition: The Full English
Food Art Exhibition: The Full English